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The Advantage of Not Playing a FPS Game for some Time

If you’re really into a game all you spare time may get into playing this game. It might be good for your skills, but all the other things you could do are getting postponed.

Be creative, do some sports, do your homework or find a girlfriend.

Still scared to take some breaks because you would lose your skills? Read on!

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A way to get Stuff for Free Online – Lockerz

People just like free stuff. I’m the kind of person that grabs anything if it’s free and I always search for free alternatives for e.g. software.
The easiest and most fun thing would be doing it all in your chair with your computer, but the most offers you get are just a scam and often even dangerous.
So here I’m going to list some of the sites i know of they’ll meet your expectations.

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5 Free WordPress Themes you may Like

Who doesn’t like free stuff with a high quality? For all of you i picked 5 nice themes.
Click the images to get to their download page.

Get better in CS:S

This small tip is actually meant for people who already play wars, eventually with a specific team. So you maybe have your own spot at every map yet, or maybe not. Try finding your own defending spot for every map and try to play it at official wars. Mine for example is A short at […]

Photoshop Express

Whoever is thinking about photo editing, thinks about Photoshop. Adobe already put a free version of this popular image editing program online years ago. Photoshop Express is a Flash-application that completely runs in your webbrowser. You get 2GB webspace to save your customized pictures. With the program you can remove red eyes, resize, add a […]

ET Scripting Lessons: Adding content to your cfg

ET Scripting Lessons: Adding content to your cfg Because this is the part where most people get lost, since it’s the hardest part to explain, i will be trying to go over every single step. In this case i’ll use my own cfg (the advanced one) to get you as fast as possible to a […]

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