Creating your cfg

ET Scripting Lessons: Creating your cfg What to do First you’ll have to create your project file, named the cfg. This can be done by going to your program files folder, opening the ET folder and open up etmain. Once you’re in etmain, you have to right click and create a new text (.txt file) […]

An Introduction

ET Scripting Lessons: An introduction Difference So what actually is the difference between a script, config(cfg) and a bind? A config includes scripts and binds, and a script most likely includes binds. A config is a file, with all codes written down in it, saves as a .cfg but editable with notepad. Scripts are codes […]

The best W:ET tweak around! – by Dualinity

Found by Dualinity!! Visit his IRC: #dualinity This is an old gammabug, nothing new, but with the right combinations you can get the best view there is! It could have happened you got a screen like this accidently before by just messing around. Now we will show you how to do it on purpose! This […]

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