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How to Complete your Blog with Bookmarking

By being subscribed to literally 100+ blogs with atleast 10 about blogging itself, I get flooded with tips and tricks. Often I don’t have the time to read the articles completely. And sometimes they’re not useable for me already.

So you should bookmark those articles, either with ReadItLater or by adding a star in Google Reader or just really bookmark them in your browser.


Safari Bookmarks

Many of those bookmarks will get archived in Delicious and will probably never be looked at again. Just because you didn’t find them anymore or didn’t find them important enough to read compared to the other bookmarks you have. And after some time you already learned what that one specific non-read article had to say, so it gets useless.


My Delicious

But every now and then you should take a look at the “blogging” category of my bookmarks, take a look at the titles (meaning they should be good or you just overlook them!) and decide weither or not you’d read them.
You can decide that by looking what you already know and by looking at what your blog misses, even if it doesn’t directly pulls your attention or doesn’t look important to you.

By reading those you still filter the useable ones for that moment and the ones you will directly use. Try to open them up in some browser tabs and start editing your blog  my way  based on the article. If you’re done one article you close it and preferably move the bookmark from the unread list, it depends if you actually completed everything useable in that article.

RSS feeds

RSS Feeds

So if the principe isn’t clear to you yet, you use those bookmarks as a checklist.
This way you stay sort of organized and you can work on your blog using those articles whenever you want to, not just when you read your feeds right away.

Group Discussion

So how do you work with how-to/informative blogging or design articles that pop in your RSS client? Do you +favorite them? Or do you read them completely and pass on? Or…

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Social bookmarking sites often receive a large amount of visitors. Some visitors come to the site to find information which they cannot find on the internet. There are also companies that visit the social bookmarking site to promote their websites. Nowadays, companies have learned to take advantage of the internet to promote their business. They use the social media sites as a method to get more customers.


the valuable content you provided do help the investigation for our group, appreaciate that.

– Martin


Thank you to sharing helpful information

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