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Design a 3D Web Layout in Photoshop

I’ve written a new tutorial for
Go check it out

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Avoid using Plain Colors and use Gradients Instead

During the period where there only was html that shaped a website you didn’t find any gradient at all. Not so long ago the gradients came to their right with new coding techniques like css to display images that before were heavy images and now just small bits repeating themself. Too bad many people still don’t get what a subtle(!) gradient can do.

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How To: Add Shine on Edges in Photoshop

There are multiple ways to achieve the shiny effect on the edges of certain objects. Most people just use several shapes to with gradients on it to get a 3D effect. But if you want your object to have a more soft and round corner (on metal or plastic object mostly) this method will not work.

I will teach you how to get this realistic effect in 3 different ways!

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How to create the Letterpress Effect in Photoshop

This small and simple tutorial will teach you how to create a letterpress effect that you often see in Mac designs and web 2.0 designs.
The navigation text of the Apple website is a great example of this.
The effect can also be made in css code, but here I’ll show you just for Photoshop.

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