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SooQ: Sieraden, tassen, cadeaus en andere leuke dingetjes

Het is lente en dat werkt op de instrumenten, zegt men nog eens.
Het is dan ook een ideale tijd om je vriendin te verwennen met een cadeautje.

When you’re bored and want to find new random content on the internet – that is interesting of course – you probably go to sites like Digg or Reddit.
But there’s a reason why you might not want to use these sites.

Car Dealership Web Design

If you start a website for you cardealing business, you should go for a personalized design and not a theme all cardealers can download.

Laptopaholic – Laptop Deals

In need of a (new) laptop? Of course you want the best quality for the best price.
And when you’re shopping online, it’s hard to determine what site will give you the cheapest price for the same product.

Microsoft Office 365 – Cloud computing

You should’ve heard about cloud computing already.
If you didn’t, it’s basically that you can use software via your web browser without any installing. All the data is save on the server the application is hosted on and you don’t clutter your PC!

Astral Projection

This time I’ve got a totally other topic to review. It’s about astral projection.
In short you could say you can conciously exit your body by doing meditation and self-hypnosis.
This isn’t some sort of cheap magic talk, it’s serious business!

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