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7 Outstanding Websites with Photoshop Tutorials

Photoshop just doesn’t seem to stop conquering young and old people their hearts. It just keeps on getting more popular, terms like “photoshopping” are getting used and Adobe claims copyright on it. I hope they don’t sue me for using this example…

I guess the group of Photoshop users keeps on growing because of 2 reasons.
1) The latest generation of kids know more of technology then many older people. For me it isn’t a shock to see a 16 year old freelancer or designer with stunning Photoshop skills.
2) Photoshop is the most popular downloaded application on the internet… Downloaded in the not so legit way if you know what I’m talking about.

However you got Photoshop on your Mac or PC, I want to encourage these growing designers and therefore I’ll give you all a roundup of the best (in my opinion) Photoshop Tutorial sites.

(Click the images to go to their sites)

1. Psd Tuts+

For me the best tutorials you can find on the internet, they aim on the different aspects of Photoshop. From designing icons to working away pimples in pictures. One thing is sure, those tutorials are from the best quality and mostly written as guest posts. If you pay you can get the most advanced tutorials you’ve probably seen so far and you’re able to download all .psd files of the finished products of those tutorials.

Psd Tuts+

PSD Tuts +

2. Grafpedia

This website mostly aims on web template designs. They also offer many resources you can download and if you pay you can get more than 70.000 downloads.



3. Tutorial9

Probably the most popular one among many people. Mostly comparable with Grafpedia, but with a slightly easier navigation between the tutorials. There isn’t anything you should pay for as far as I could see, but they may pay you for a guest post.


Tutorial 9

4. HV-Designs

They’re aim is for the biggest part on creating icons and web interfaces. They also offer coding tutorials that may be useful to code those layouts you made with their tutorials.



5. PSD Vault

If you’re into making text effects and manipulating pictures with epic effects, then this site is your N°1.

PSD vault

PSD Vault

6. Photoshop Lady

Tons of effects here. For me the tutorials are very advanced and absolutely worth a try if you’re interested in special effects, if you use Photoshop to make interfaces and icons this site will probably not really fit you.

Photoshop lady

Photoshop Lady

7. Drawing Clouds

Simple website, great tutorials. Can’t really say much more.


Drawing Clouds

Do you know Other and maybe even Better Sites?

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