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Why your Client is Not Stupid

Admit it, as a freelancer, designer or anything else you get those clients with the weirdest ideas where your chin just drops and you get speechless.

Not in a good way unfortunately…

They come up with the weirdest concepts like:
“Shouldn’t we add a talking dog on the frontpage to make it more personal?”
That one is still alright to some point. But there are tons of annoying clients moaning like: “I’m not going to pay you for drawing a few hours, you like it anyways. So many people draw in their free time.”
That’s just plain nonsense to be honest.

Crystal Singing Bowls

Everyone needs to relax enough. Also freelancers who tend to be seen as people that work whenever they want, thus have enough relaxation moments… not true!

Votre répétiteur à domicile

Votre répétiteur – une société innovante de cours particuliers à domicile et en ligne.

Uk phone numbers

If you’re running a business in the UK it comes in handy to have a good telephone number. But it’s often expensive and people don’t like to call numbers with high cost if they could mail you for free. That’s over if you use 0800/0871/0844/0845 Numbers People also know these numbers are safe to call, […]

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The Power of 1 Tweet

This morning I was checking my Twitter stream and saw @psdtuts tweeted:
“Posted anything interesting lately on your blog? URL?”
It was no personal message to me by the way, just to all followers.
The message was posted just 3 minutes ago, so I linked to my blog post about adding shine to edges in Photoshop.
The results are stunning (at least they are for me.)

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Make fast money with Fiverr

A good friend of me makes tons of money on this site called Fiverr.
“Oh yay! Another good-friend-makes-much-money-story…” you might think.

But this method is different, you don’t need to have a website and all these investments.
You also don’t need to do hard things or so, you just need to know how to do the easy things.

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