Cloud Hosting

As you might know there is shared & dedicated hosting, VPS hosting and cloud hosting (and probably some other methods too). But we’re going to take a look at this cloud hosting since it’s relativly new and has a lot of new features. First of all, if you set up a cloud server, you only […]

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Avoid using Plain Colors and use Gradients Instead

During the period where there only was html that shaped a website you didn’t find any gradient at all. Not so long ago the gradients came to their right with new coding techniques like css to display images that before were heavy images and now just small bits repeating themself. Too bad many people still don’t get what a subtle(!) gradient can do.

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How To: Add Shine on Edges in Photoshop

There are multiple ways to achieve the shiny effect on the edges of certain objects. Most people just use several shapes to with gradients on it to get a 3D effect. But if you want your object to have a more soft and round corner (on metal or plastic object mostly) this method will not work.

I will teach you how to get this realistic effect in 3 different ways!

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How to create the Letterpress Effect in Photoshop

This small and simple tutorial will teach you how to create a letterpress effect that you often see in Mac designs and web 2.0 designs.
The navigation text of the Apple website is a great example of this.
The effect can also be made in css code, but here I’ll show you just for Photoshop.

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How to Complete your Blog with Bookmarking

By being subscribed to literally 100+ blogs with atleast 10 about blogging itself, I get flooded with tips and tricks. Often I don’t have the time to read the articles completely. And sometimes they’re not useable for me already.

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7 Outstanding Websites with Photoshop Tutorials

Photoshop just doesn’t seem to stop conquering young and old people their hearts. It just keeps on getting more popular, terms like “photoshopping” are getting used and Adobe claims copyright on it. I hope they don’t sue me for using this example…

I guess the group of Photoshop users keeps on growing because of 2 reasons.
1) The latest generation of kids know more of technology then many older people. For me it isn’t a shock to see a 16 year old freelancer or designer with stunning Photoshop skills.
2) Photoshop is the most popular downloaded application on the internet… Downloaded in the not so legit way if you know what I’m talking about.

However you got Photoshop on your Mac or PC, I want to encourage these growing designers and therefore I’ll give you all a roundup of the best (in my opinion) Photoshop Tutorial sites.

(Click the images to go to their sites)

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