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A way to get Stuff for Free Online – Lockerz

People just like free stuff. I’m the kind of person that grabs anything if it’s free and I always search for free alternatives for e.g. software.
The easiest and most fun thing would be doing it all in your chair with your computer, but the most offers you get are just a scam and often even dangerous.
So here I’m going to list some of the sites i know of they’ll meet your expectations.


If you’re social on the internet, you’ll probably have heard of Lockerz. What this new company actually does is giving free goods to people depending on how much points (ptz) they earned. Doesn’t sound trustworthy, but enough people already received the items they requested.
Check this guy who received his PSP Rockband bundle!

He got it totally free, no shipping costs, no catch. Now, why would they bother giving away stuff to people?
That’s because they earn enough money with advertisements. We also have to note they’re still in a beta phase, meaning the site isn’t ready yet. And what would be the best way to get a lot of people on your site before it’s complete? By giving away free stuff of course!


Lockerz Login Screen

The site is created by the former of, yet another reason to believe it’s trustworthy.
As I said the site is still in a beta and a lot of things will still change.
Instead of being a resource of free goodies, the site will become an online store with high discounts and also free goods.

Enough about what the site is about, let’s use it!

The ptz system is based on earning points by either referrals or by answering a question every day. You get 2 ptz for logging in every day, another 2 for answering the daily question.
But there is also a Z-Lister status you can receive by inviting 20 friends to lockerz. This status will give you the privilege to earn up to 4 ptz for every question!
Those daily questions are easy and don’t really mean anything, it are simple questions like: “Who is your favorite singer?” Your privacy gets respected, but just to be safe don’t post too personal things on there πŸ˜‰

In order to get your free goods you have to go to the redeem section of the site. The most popular category of prices is electronics, obvious with so many geeks on the internet not wanting to earn money by doing real labour at a neighbour’s house or something πŸ˜€
You can’t really stick a price($/€) on the amount of ptz you have. For example you can get the PSP bundle from the video above for 200 ptz while the 50€ Amazon gift-cards cost 250 ptz. I guess it depends on the company that delivers the products…


Lockerz Dailies

Let’s calculate 2 sides of this.

One for the people who cannot manage to get 20 friends invited and another for the people who can.
For the people who can’t you get 4 ptz a day if you have time for it (let’s say you can). Then you’ll have to be registered for less than 50 days, since you can play a game at your first time on the site where you can catch lots of ptz. (More about this game later) And after those 50 days you can either get an iPod Shuffle 2G, Flip UltraHD camera, a PSP bundle, or 2 video games!
For the others who can manage to get 20 friends there as fast as possible, you’ll be doing the job about 25% faster, meaning you could get the same prices in 20 days!


Lockerz Electronics Prizes

So more about the game i talked about.

It’s a game like Pong, you know, the old retro game with the white sticks a ball and nothing else than a black screen. You’ll have to catch all ptz falling down. Don’t get tricked here! When i played the game i thought, the bigger the box i catch, the more ptz are in there. NOT TRUE. Since they’re easier to catch so will give you less ptz. Just go for the small pieces, but be aware they like to move around in a very unnatural way πŸ™‚

So what is the downside of this cheapness heaven?

The downside is that you must wait for a restock before you’re able to redeem your prize. This means everybody is waiting for this day.
Believe me, it’s close to beastly how fast everything is gone. For me the last redemption ended up by managing to get to the page where i had to fill in my address etc, but it wouldn’t let me go past that because of the extreme high traffic. Even now at this moment people are making the site slow because they know it could be one of these days.
So you should be there at the very first second, so better add them on Facebook where they warn you early enough!
But there IS a bright side!! The persons who managed to get their goods redeemed now lost their ptz, so there will be less people wanting that expensive price you want at the next redemption. So being patient can be a good thing here, since you’ll be able to get more expensive goods every time you didn’t manage to get something.

Up to you now

So if you don’t already have a Lockerz account, it would be really helpful for me if you would take an invite from me. All you need to do is sending an e-mail with “Invite me on Lockerz” or something like that. And I’ll probably get back to you that same day.
If you don’t want my invite it’s also okay, it’s just a way of showing you liked my post.

Stay tuned for more free money and stuff articles!

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I’m impressed! It’s nice to see somebody very passionate about what they do. Trust all your future posts turn out as well.sorry if i am an idiot,Just i thought something let me say you that. I was so happy after reading that,for a minute i considered i should have been the owner of this one.No problem. hope i will be able to publish like this sometime.And you are there for me to take the guidance hope you will help me.The student is here sir.

This is a great information. I will try to do it too to get free stuffs. Thanks for sharing it.


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