Astral Projection

This time I’ve got a totally other topic to review. It’s about astral projection.
In short you could say you can conciously exit your body by doing meditation and self-hypnosis.
This isn’t some sort of cheap magic talk, it’s serious business!

Astral Projection can be good for many purposes.
From learning things about yourself, to just getting relaxed for a moment.

You can achieve some part of this in other situations or with other ‘tools’, but you don’t have yourself in control then.

This all probably sounds like yoga stuff where you sit still on a rubber mat. But don’t get this wrong, you can use the techniques you’ve learned in almost any situation.
That way you can stay focused like a boss with astral travel.

I suggest you just check these links out, there’s been paid a lot of attention on the site. Definitely worth a look!

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“You cannot do a kindness too soon, for you never know how soon it will be too late. “


It was a great book, including that sonmehitg like that could happen if nukes did fall we would have to go underground cause of the radiation. the radiation from japan has reached California and could get worse and maybe the entire united states. its an example of why we would have to underground, stupid but true

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