When you’re bored and want to find new random content on the internet – that is interesting of course – you probably go to sites like Digg or Reddit.
But there’s a reason why you might not want to use these sites.

Digg and Reddit are getting settled in a specific category of articles that are submitted.

For example, Digg has more quality content, while reddit has more funny content.

But what if you want both of these?

Mashtop is a new website that works just the same. You social bookmark your site on it and it will appear in the list, then people can vote if they think it’s a nice link.
That’s a fast way to find diverse and popular content.

Also you can use Mashtop to get top links which will never harm your website of course…
Thus, using Mashtop to get top web links is a smart move, especially if you’re there fast when it’s not overused / oversaturated.

Work with the upcoming sites, not the ones everyone is overusing!

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