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Many people will come to the point they want to start their own website.
It is probably important to know what your website is about before starting one.
Except if you already made a big fanbase through other sites you could start a website like I did (unfortunately) with your nickname as url.
The thing is that I was just too newb to realise nobody actually would be interested in my site because it was called “twistereli”.
So don’t make this mistake right away, only if your site will be just a blog about anything you could just use your nickname, because you cannot pick a niche-based name in this case.
Though, I started this site with the expectation of posting all kinds of stuff on it. I was thinking about my own fun,not what the readers would do.

It would get some hits through Google, but people probably would never return for more posts because they were so random.

Actually I was wasting money on this site because i did it the wrong way.

Before you start, make sure to check what you as a reader would act like, can’t be that hard!

So let’s start of getting your website started.

1 What topic will it be about?

Will it be a place to download .psd files?
will it be a forum?
a portfolio?
a blog about a specific topic?

Just make sure you are sure you can manage the topic and that you’re actually interested in the topic.
You will have to write tons of content or stay active with other users talking about the content. You need to know much much much about the topic or you’ll have to get other people to help you and that isn’t always how it should work.

2 Domain Name

What name are you going to pick?
Will it be creative like “” and thereby easy to remember. Or will it be  just “normal”?

Are you going to create a name that doesn’t exist? Or use a combination  of words to match your topic.

Just make sure people can either remember the name because it’s catchy or remember it because it’s so obvious.
Keep it short, without to many symbols and avoid numbers.

A .com is adviced, it’s not that expensive and most people expect a site to be .com unless the content is written in a specific language.

You can use Google’s prediction when typing keywords to track what gets searched the most. It’s always nice to compare how many hit’s you can lose by using a not so clever domain name.

I advice you to use because they’re so clean at their services compared to GoDaddy.
But you can go with GoDaddy if you feel safer that way or you found a way to save money there.

PS: Don’t go for .info domains, they’re cheap the first year, but some people confirmed they get pretty expensive after the first year.
PPS: Don’t get a domain together with hosting (as a pack). Your domain will be linked to it and if you want to change hosts for that domain it will either be a real pain in the ass or just impossible.

3 Hosting

This is totally up to you, it depends on how much you want to spend and on how much you expect from it.

To begin a site you shouldn’t go to expensive already. Hostgator or dreamhost are good options in this case.
If you want to go even cheaper (in the sense of cost, not quality) you could go with Salut Hosting and WillHosting.
Some people will still be shivering with the thought of monthly payments. Good news, you can also get a free host, but it will be a bit slower: 000webhost.
If you know your site will get loads of traffic at the same time you should go to more expensive hosting like

4 Picking the CMS

You should really consider using the appropriate Content Managing System for the kind of content you’re going to publish.

You could come up with a forum, or a blog. That’s totally different… and it would be quite ‘stupid’ to start a just forum on WordPress if you could go with phpbb3 that has so many more features.

You should keep in mind though, that you need to have the knowledge. Joomla! for example is one of the big competitors of WordPress, but it’s way harder to handle for beginners.

So if you’re beginning, I recommend using WordPress, especially with the lots of plugins and themes released with insane options that are easy to handle.

5 Advertise

Without advertising is will become very hard to get any attention. Only if your content is exclusive and people search for it a lot, you will get enough traffic to be satisfied.

But admit it, there aren’t many topics you’re going to be unique with and that’s still searched much at Google.

So don’t be shy! Advertise, if you don’t it really harms you.
But if you get spammy you’re really harming even more.

It’s easy, position yourself as the reader that never heard of you… What would they like to see?
You probably found atleast 1 advertisment you’ve stumbled upon useful and it made you enthousiastic to see what would come if you clicked.
That’s the kind of add you should produce, but you got to face not everybody will want to click because interests differ.

Also note that advertising is way more than the traditional banner on a site, or putting links everywhere.
It also includes building relationships that will probably be fun at the same time and will give you huge amount of support, knowing they’ll probably advertise a bit for you too!

A good way to start with is reading blogs that are near your goal and post comments that are meaningful on it.
Your link is out there for the hunt and you already give just a small preview of what you’ve got to the other readers on that blog.

6 Get free ads from me!

Yup! It’s true.
I give free ads to anybody that just started running a website…
But for my part i would like to ask you to use atleast 1 affiliate link at the sidebar (the right buttons ->)
If I succesfully get a message that your order got confirmed via my link, you can mail me (with the contact form at the top navigation ^ ) and we will discuss your banner.
The more links you’ve used, the more you get and the more I get. I think that’s a fair deal 🙂

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